Yoga Heals!

Yoga is the reason why I am who I am today. Entering the physical body through postures and being introduced to the subtler energy bodies of the mind, emotions and spirit until we are left with the truth that all is energy and all is one. This truth is the foundation of my work and my practice. I adore sharing each class. Every shared practice is a reflection of my own current journey through life. Colored with motherhood, balance of nontraditional family life, uncovering of the inherent joy of each moment, the search for a solid, peaceful routine and balance amongst an ever changing, flowing life  I am inspired by teachings of traditional hatha yoga, yin yoga, Vinyasa, meditation, Ayurveda, Kundalini, energy medicine.. amongst others. 

Weekly Classes held at my home studio, Big White Barn Yoga.  For class descriptions please see justbeproject.com

Monday 8:30am Sunrise Flow

Wednesday 6:00pm Deep Relaxation Yin

Friday 4:15 Peace & Release Yoga

Saturday 8:30 am Yoga Flow